HillJack Russell... The Heavy Metal Conductor  ...it's what I do, it's who I am.

Every October, live entertainment
creeps into every town in America.
People are transformed into monsters,
while others pay gladly for horrific
performances. But sometimes, acting
isn't enough for the spirits that
rule Halloween. And this year...
the spirits want the encore of a lifetime.
Get THE ULTIMATE Halloween party film EVER made!
Rock your party!

Nightmare Fuel

A Thunderclap Symphony
"Welcome to what keeps you awake at night"


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"HillJack Russell's Nightmare Fuel is a thunderclap symphony of hard rock & metal with cinematic visuals integrated into a chiller-horror surrounding the strange Halloween occurrences at seasonal, local live-action haunted house productions. A super-charged experience disguised as a movie, the effects of Nightmare Fuel are instant and long-lasting."

Nightmare Fuel in
Magazine's Official

World Album & Tour Guide
*pg. 11, w Gene Simmons

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© 2007



Groovy Workshed Concept

Strobe Lantern Productions

Written, Directed & Edited by

HillJack Russell Parks

Original Soundtrack
Lovehammers    Netherbird    Limb By Limb
Subway    K626    Curse of Disobedience

Coolguy & Elfish

Original Scores by
James Dingo & HillJack Russell

Musical Arrangements by
The Heavy Metal Conductor

Kayla Perkins      John Cory Stringer      Sonny Burnette
Stacey Gillispie      Emily Wesley     Shelby Harlow

"Welcome to what keeps you awake at night"

The Strobe Lantern Pro™ is what he is...
...and does what he does. You're gonna love it.

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